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Emptiness. 🖤

There are days when a strong current of emotions threatens to sweep us away.

But there are also days when there is nothing. Nothing but emptiness. But emptiness does not mean not feeling anything.

Emptiness gives us the opportunity to surrender to it.

It's okay not to know what's going on.

It's okay to feel pain that can't be attributed.

It's okay not to find a drive.

It's okay to be empty!

What is not okay: to misjudge this state! Just because something can't be fleshed out and put into words, it still exists and hurts.

Let's make the emptiness visible together and ensure more recognition. Shows how crowded an empty world can be.

Don't wear clothes- wear statements.

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Emptiness - unisex HoodieEmptiness - unisex Hoodie
Emptiness - unisex Hoodie Sale price€67,95 EUR
Emptiness - T-shirtkleid - Just•dePressedEmptiness - T-shirtkleid - Just•dePressed
Emptiness - T-shirt dress Sale price€42,95 EUR