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broken mind

If a glass breaks, no one doubts its damage.

The shards are visible to everyone. If something breaks in us, it is usually not noticed from the outside.

broken mind

Many of us don't see it: the suffering, the doubts, the struggle. But just because it's not as obvious as a broken leg doesn't make it any less existent, no less bad, and most importantly, not easy to dismiss.

Behind every broken spirit is a story, a unique soul and each one deserves to be heard and seen.

Show the world what it's turning a blind eye to. Show the world that you are more.

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Broken Mind - unisex Hoodie - Just•dePressedBroken Mind - unisex Hoodie - Just•dePressed
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Broken Mind - unisex T-Shirt - Just•dePressedBroken Mind - unisex T-Shirt - Just•dePressed
Broken Mind - T-Shirt Sale price€39,95 EUR
Broken Mind - T-shirtkleid - Just•dePressedBroken Mind - T-shirtkleid - Just•dePressed
Broken Mind - T-shirtkleid Sale price€42,95 EUR
Broken Mind - Enamel MugBroken Mind - Enamel Mug
Broken Mind - Enamel Mug Sale price€14,95 EUR
Broken Mind - mugBroken Mind - mug
Broken Mind - mug Sale price€12,95 EUR